Friday, 13 May 2011

SYB cases about backup softwares company

PC DISK TOOLS” is a company which supply professional backup solution softwares on the Internet. And the following introductions about it maybe helpful for you to START YOUR BUSINESS or find our softwares are useful for your backup.
It was an important moment for our company “PC DISK TOOLS” in the summer of 2006. From that days on, with the experiences and resources accumulated for years, the “PC DISK TOOLS” finally chose its own way to turn itself from a workshops in college into a company. It meant “PC DISK TOOLS” came into a wider space in the markets. It also meant it had to pay tax.
 The developing model as a company make us to gain more resources to improve lots of problems in “PDT”. We have more people working for us. We get more time to think carefully what is the real want of our customers. And we can solve the problems even faster than ever before.
 Our well-knit technologies in backup area indeed help us to keep far away from some unnecessarily r&d problems. Lots of things support us to develop fast in the past five years. And I think the achievements we get today were mostly depended on two key points.
 The first one is we have a strong group of programmers. They are using the latest technology to empolder pc disk tools. So that our products can run smoothly to backup between neally all the systems and hardware environments. If some new systems or hardware came out, we can update the software to be compatible very soon.
For the second one, is the feedbacks of our customers. As we know, computer data is important for you and it is also the duty for our disk tools to solve the backup mission riskless. And some feedbacks from customers were kind to suggest us to improve the backup speed. So we studied the programe and made some changes about the algorithm. The fact is the suggestion of the customer is feasible. This change not only helped us to improve the backup speed to save time ,but also greatly insured the safety of data.
And some feedbacks directly lead us to form our corporate culture. Like :Simplest the best!
Though some data were so useful for our customers, but they didn’t have enough time to learn the professional technology for backup softwares. They were afraid of losing their data by just following a wrong step! We realize that working hard on backup technology is only the obligation for us not for customers. The interface of our softwares should be simple and kind to our customers. So that they can easily backup what they want with just several clicks on mouse.
So I think it is our customers to point the way to push us to help more people to backup their data by PC DISK TOOLS”. And the improvement of your backup solution would be the most biggest project in our mind for ever.

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